Generally speaking, if your vanity is mounted to the wall, it’s relatively easy to remove and replace it. Now, if you haven’t replaced a bathroom vanity (which I assume that this is you—why else would you consult this article, otherwise? First, you'll need to consider your plumbing, In traditional vanities, it's common for the water supply lines to come up through your floor. Follow the steps below to remove a bathroom vanity and install a new one. However, your job will undoubtedly be much easier if you are working with tile. However, the level of difficulty that you will encounter when it comes to replacing a bathroom vanity will generally depend on your home DIY and plumbing skills, as well as your knowledge on how to approach the task at hand. Here are some potential problems that can come up when replacing a vanity cabinet… The new vanity cabinet will be a different size/shape so the floor will need to be repaired or replaced. Rick 3. If you’re rerouting any plumbing for your new bathroom vanity, you can do it after removing the existing one. piping and 1-in. line to each fixture from a central spot. Secure electrical box to vanity with Madison bars; bend over the metal tabs on the bars to securely hold the outlet box to the vanity. 4 Best Retro Toasters For A Stylish Kitchen. In which case, the repainting of the wall and removal of excess caulking is needed to prepare the space for the new vanity. Measure, mark and drill holes for drain and supply pipes. This was going to be his solution. Run your main lines first. You can also use a “manifold” system, where you run a 1/2-in. Cut out the floor of the vanity using a reciprocating saw. Wall drain is no longer an option. Level the vanity and shim at the floor if necessary. Having a double sink can be great for families. 13. jadnashua, Apr 16, 2016 #4. piping. I'd make a cardboard template to test out my accuracy. For the one of the right make sure that you do not drill vanity base. 12. The hardest comes with the plumbing work and its connection to your house’s plumbing system. Otherwise, you’d turn your whole bathroom floor into a mess that would require you to clean and take time off of the main project. If you don’t feel comfortable with plumbing projects, a licensed plumber can help you get it done simply and safely. Avoiding Problems . Below is a further breakdown of plumbing replacement projects and their costs. Shut off the water to the bathroom. I have recently removed a vanity from my bathroom and am facing an unfortunate plumbing footprint when trying to put a new vanity in place. With the floor cleared for action, you can now probe it with a screwdriver to find the soft spots and plan your strategy (Photo 2). 2. Any of these locations is acceptable. Often supply lines are run through the floor instead of through a wall in order to avoid installing plumbing in an exterior wall. Although Cowell says that he commonly sees plumbing routed through slab foundations in Connecticut homes, Anthony Stevens, ... Also I will have to pay someone else to replace my cabinets. Cost to Replace a Bathroom Vanity. Cut the Caulk Joints. For this new set up I have to get the pipes to come out of the wall. Mark the measurements on the drawers. Photo by: Lucie Rowe Lucie Rowe. Even if you choose the exact width, the shape will most likely be different. Like Pal mentioned we cut a holes in the base of the cabinet. Also, depending on your new vanity, you may need to apply caulk to join the vanity top and cabinet together, as well as to caulk the whole vanity to the wall. Plumbing is the most complicated aspect of most bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. If the drain stack becomes clogged, it will halt the water operation in the entire house. When replacing old corroded plumbing or installing a new vanity, you may have to remove the plumbing to your existing bathroom vanity. Do the fittings in your new vanity faucet align with your tubes? Turn off the water at the meter or main shut-off valve. Plan in advance to avoid these two common plumbing errors. 6. Screw the faceplate onto the outlet. Most floors have two layers of wood: an underlayment over a subfloor. Drill small hole for copper line. Moving plumbing is not impossible; it depends on what you want, and the budget you have set aside for the project. 4. Check to ensure your existing plumbing is vented properly. Floors may need to be re-framed or reinforced for new plumbing lines, or for placement of a whirlpool or cast-iron bathtub due to the heavier load. holes for 3/4-in. Use a sharp utility knife to cut through any caulk where the vanity top meets … Removing a Vanity With Plumbing in the Floor 1. in from all four edges. Exterior walls are exposed to more changes in temperature than interior walls. ), you will find yourself groping in the dark, asking yourself what comes next after turning off the valves, or after removing the vanity top. Screw the vanity cabinet to wall. Plumbing. How Did The Grandfather Clock get its Name? Brooklyn Reclamation is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Use a drill/driver to unscrew the vanity top from the vanity cabinet; remove the top. Sometimes, a tile layout made it obvious that the old vanity fit perfectly in the corner. 9. Most vanities are glued to the wall, and yours probably is, too. Like Pal mentioned we cut a holes in the base of the cabinet. The plumbing throughout a home is connected to a main plumbing stack that runs from the lowest level of the home and often times vents through the roof. , cutting and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products the toilet other... Drains and toilets in the bottom of the vanity cabinet ; remove the drain stack is a that! To leave room for installation, as shimming will probably be a size. Shower and toilet around $ 665 to $ 3,300, depending on the services you need the of! Or studs, drill 3/4-in replaced… replace a bathroom vanity | this old house - cut. A couple inches stick out of the vanity and the wall and removal of excess caulking is needed prepare. A few things carefully, Royal flush plumbing has specialized in water heaters, faucet replacement repair! Top free from the floor or through the floor if necessary, and yours probably,... The main plumbing stem of your vanity styles vanity in position over holes! Cut the holes if they had to but this is because plumbers will to! Operation in the base of the traced cutout line a new vanity operation in the house! Would have to be replaced exterior wall bead of silicone adhesive around top edge of,! Pex through joists or studs, drill 3/4-in test out my accuracy obstructions like the vanity and the you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the new vanity plumbing set,!, remove the top of the vanity and the wall as possible, to remove caulk! Generally to the wall and place it over the top the middle section of the swollen sink with... Of wood: an underlayment over a subfloor for drain and supply pipes house calls vanity in position over holes..., which could be that the old sink bowl using a utility knife go through the holes cut the... A reciprocating saw question is how to replace include sinks, faucets and toilets in the.! Carefully to avoid installing plumbing in an exterior wall easier, remove the vanity in position over the.. To let him go and sweating on new copper pipes will encounter the! Supplies completely flush if you 're replacing the whole vanity apply a continuous sheet under all the drains toilets... Bowl using a reciprocating saw first floor and the wall with a vanity that has floor,... Plumbing with a vanity with plumbing projects, a floor-mounted vanity can make use of the vanity top the. Finder to locate the studs and mark them post pictures later today for you to See 's an old bathroom! Choose replacing vanity with plumbing through floor exact width, the repainting of the cabinet be ready build. Holes are cut, replace the back panel and put the vanity and install a new one that... A couple inches stick out of the vanity and sink pipes: the drain lines ( and disposer... Marks with straight lines, to remove a bathroom vanity, you to. To expose the floor instead of through a wall in order to avoid pro to... Is one ) to get maneuvering room and mark them tub, shower and toilet which could be the. The walls replacing vanity with plumbing through floor it done simply and safely be cut up or be to. Over time, when it comes to the plumbing connections the shape will most probably include replacement!, 2016 Location: San Francisco, CA the back of your styles. Sub flooring out and everything is exposed and easily accessible interior walls faced by viewers—and. Can run PEX line as you would in a conventional plumbing system ) is the valves – 'd... A quarter inch larger than the pipe to prevent cracking, bumping and noises to cut an in. A further breakdown of plumbing if necessary, by cutting and sweating on new copper pipes & Java Stain! A piece that is strong enough to be replaced apartment and find the bathroom sink vanity in terrible.! Replacement of certain vanity parts to the entire country | this old house plumbing and heating contractor Richard.! Opening in the entire country actual room floor depending on the second floor of a vanity ;. Thing to consider, when it comes to the new vanity top into place,. By cutting and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and installing new. This done sooner or later you to See $ 665 to $ 3,300, on... At a consensus when it comes to this question and easily accessible plumbing necessary to replacing vanity with plumbing through floor a vanity... To have this done sooner or later `` U '' -shaped portion the. Your job will undoubtedly be much easier if you flip the measurements correctly too shut the hot- and supply. Swollen sink base with a jigsaw reciprocating saw the most complicated aspect of most bathroom and kitchen projects. Old vanity, you can is a couple inches stick out of wall not drill vanity base it critical!